This is about a character I'm adding to my story, The First of Many...

The Data:Edit

Zero, the Deathless Technician


6 feet without armor

7 feet with armor


Creating, apprenticing, fighting, repairing


Galath, destroying, Ausar

Zero was one of the earliest Deathless to be made. He was Uriel's best friend and understood him more than anyone else. Zero roamed the lands of Lantimor, crafting unbelieveable items, like the Solar Trans weapons, Energy axes, and armors like the Still Plate, Helio Armor, and the Yhurle Plate. He worked for Galath for years until he deserted him. Rumors say that he apprenticed Ryth, Deathless Blademaster, designed air crafts, and planned to defeat all of the corrupt Deathless. Rumors are just rumors people say, but what do they know, they're just mortals...




Can construct anything Zero thinks of. It is also a spacial destroyer, allowing it to create and destroy matter

Endless Blade

The Infinity Blade's prototype/brother, Zero has modernized it so it has teleportation and elemental abilities. It also can change size and shape.

QIP Gauntlets

Can change or destabilize somethings QIP. It also enhances the user's strength speed and stamina.

The Ultimate Plate

A set of armor that makes the user almost invincible, it's only weakness is that if the user's spine is broken, the armor will deactivate. The Ultimate Plate has high speed regeneration properties

Infinity Blade 2 Meeting Ryth, Zero's appretnice

Infinity Blade 2 Meeting Ryth, Zero's appretnice

Meeting Ryth and defeating him


Siris using one of Zero's first creations, the Still Plate


One of Zero's prototypes for armor for women