Yurika (Mistress of the House Kor)

​"Fulfill my wishes!"Edit
-Yurika to Bugeishai, Kunochai and Horned Razorbel before dying.Edit


Yurika's history

Yurika was a deathless mistress who taught Bugeishai, Kunochai and Horned Razorbel how to fight. She also told Lelindre to take good care of her girls after she died. Yurika seems to know all the secrets of Galath , Ausar and the other deathless including how Galath killed Ausar. But then one day she travelled to the Ark unknowingly and killed by Galath toughly.

Yurika's personality

She was a tough but not a fighting type. She always supported the three sisters when they fought. She believed the three sisters can succeed in all that they do if she supported them in every battle. 


Yurika's armor and weapons

She was armed with the Murisan and the Saburai armor, the same armor as Bugeishai but her armor was colored black and golden instead of white and red. Her weapon was the ancient weapon as known as Blade of Jewel. Her ring was the Holy Band and her shield was the Byzanti.



When arrived at the Ark, dialogue with Galath

Galath- Lady. I hear that you know all the secrets no one ever knew. Am I correct?

Yurika- Yes. And you? You are the Worker of Secrets?

Galath- Yes. And if you think you can spread the secrets, you shall die.

Yurika- So the things I have seen was true! Ausar, you, the deathless race, how Ausar reborn as Siris, all are...

Galath- Shut your vile mouth! Or I will kill you!

Yurika- I am going to tell the girls. (Rushes, but too late. Galath stabs her with the Infinity Blade)

Galath- Mwahahaha. Now no one knows my secrets.


The girls receive the signal that Yurika was injured, and comes.

Razorbel- What happened to you Mistress?

Yurika- Ga--Galath s--stabbed--me-

Kunochai- Mistress, stop speaking!!

Yurika- I still h-have w-words for you..........

Bugeishai- Stop... please..

_______________What Yurika said_______________________________________________________________

Bugeishai, you are going to succeed in all of your actions. Protect the House, and serve Lelindre well, Kunochai, you will not succeed whe'n y'ou do something but if you try you can. Razorbel, you will be the greatest in you three. Defeat Galath, and rule the female deathless race!Edit


Three Sisters- Yes Mistress!

Yurika- Good, g-good. 

Razorbel- Do not die, Mistress!

Kunochai- Please... stay with us!

Bugeishai- I...I.. cannot...

Yurika- Fulfill my wishes!! (Dies)

The three sisters cried.


The end. 

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