The Second Collector was a deathless blademaster who was a son of the Collector from Infinity Blade III. He collected powerful and rare weapons, hence his name. He is first found by[http:// Siris ] on the Plains of Koroth.

About the Second CollectorEdit

Each time Siris battles him, he uses a powerful weapon which he has collected from all around the world. He gives his weapon if he is defeated he gives him his weapon. But if Siris loses he also takes his weapon. He seems to have visited everywhere because he has different weapons than his father. But simillar to his father, if he gets Isa's weapon he uses the female attack form. 


  • 1st encounter- the Vile Blade
  • 2nd encounter- Noe Mercy
  • 3rd encounter- Nahte
  • 4th encounter- Reaper
  • 5th encounter- Mullinax
  • 6th encounter- Dratsum
  • 7th encounter- Sinestra
  • 8th encounter- Energy Dagger


  • It is unknown how the Second Collector found the Energy Dagger, since it is a weapon used by Galath in the final battle of IB3.
  • The Vile Blade was found by the Second Collector by killing the Bog Giant.