Type: Human Male
Subtype: Unknown
Helmet: Tencer
Armor: Dark Plate
Weapon: Derouic
Shield: N/A
Ring: N/A

The son of Siris and Isa, born after the showdown with Galath, was born and raised at the Hideout.  Thaddin became best friends with Icarus, the son of Draco and Celestia, another family that came to the Hideout and befriended Siris and the others.

When the Hideout was burned to the ground by bountyhunters and rogues, everyone fled and Eves was killed.  Siris then told Thaddin his story of destroying Galath and obtaining the Infinity Blade once more.  During the burning and raiding of the Hideout, the Infinity Blade was stolen.  Thaddin then set out away from the others to find the source of the Infinity Blade beyond Galath.  During his trek to the Dark Mountains he went face to face with many dangers and one who hunted him since the Hideout, Artemis.  A bounty hunter who is employed by another great being who is connected to the Infinity Blade and it's origins.  She is to bring him to her employer dead or alive so in either case, he must run for his life

Thaddin is the main protagonist in Infinity Blade: Shadow of the Fathers