No Title
Status Human,Deathless
Helmet Dark Odium Helm
Armor Dark Odium Armor
Blade Dark Dual Anemerum,Red Solar Trans LX
Ring Ring of Ice and Fire
Rank: High lord of house BX,shield of the infinity edge

Sarus is the one of the Deathless that appeared in IB3.He appears in the House BX near Larioth,he is very arrogant as he underestimates Siris.He transforms into Deathless using a potion given by the worker.He wields the Anemerum and something the Red Solar Trans LX.


He is very power swordsman like Ryth. He is also one of the Deathless BladeMasters.He is able to perform fire and ice magic against Siris or Ausar.He wields the dual Anemerum,he is able to craft it into a Infinity Weapon.He has very fast speed as he shares Ryth's strength.