This story continues after the Journey to free Siris.This is fanatics about the story of Infinity Blade III.


Raidriar persuaded Siris to give him to Infinity Blade so that he can end the Worker. Siris eventually gave the God King the sword to kill The Worker.

Raidriar then made his way to the ark and defeated many of the worker minions and finally reach the his throne.

Raidriar said in anger, "Worker, I have escaped your prison, I am here for you."

The Worker of Secrets.


Raidriar in the beginning.

Galath replied:”You are such an interesting specimen, Raidriar. Do you realize that? You are like a rare butterfly, whose patterns take generations of breeding to perfect.”

Raidriar while walking down the stair and said:”I am not here for word games, Ancient! You will face me! We will end this!”

Galath replied, laughing:”You see? That is what makes you so wonderful! The others, they never really bought in. It’s an act to them. When they put aside the masks, they put aside the god. But you … you believe."After he talk, he summons Iron Dreadnaught.

Raidriar asked:”More minions? This is pointless. Face me yourself, and know my fury!”

Galath:”Do you listen to yourself, Raidriar? You really are something special.”

Raidriar then faces Iron Dreadnaught and after a struggle, Raidriar defeated the titans.

Chapter 1Edit

After Raidriar defeats Iron Dreadnaught:”A waste. Such a fine creation, slain for no reason.”

The Worker then replied, laughing:”Indeed. It will be a shame to see you dead.”

Raidriar became angry and he replied:”Do not play your games with me, Worker. Your life is mine, and I have come to claim it.”

Galath:”There you go again. Once in a while, I create something truly remarkable.” Raidriar yelled:”I was born, not created!”

Galath countered:”Oh? And there was no interference between your birth and now? No changes made to your QIP to grant, say, functional immortality? Well, fight your way over here. Then we’ll be on with our climatic final duel, or whatever you want to call it.” *Summons Ashimar*


The Worker then summons Ashimar.