Status: Human
Helmet: ???
Armor: ???
Blade: Modified Grayson and grappling hook
Ring: N/A
Rank: Warrior of The Alliance

Mugen is a human warrior of The Alliance. He wields a modified Grayson that is incredibly sharp and durable, but with no elements. Mugen has been considered "anti-social" and "addicted to combat" by other soldiers, but other than that, he is considered as friendly by the rest of the elite squad.


Not much is known about his past, other than it is obvious that he was trained in combat from a very young age. His techniques are one of the best in mortal history.


Like most humans, Mugen cannot use rings, but he has a grappling hook. It can choke enemies or he can use it to maneuver around. It has the uncanny power to electrocute things.


  • He is based after wiki user Mugen Galath.