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MX-Aran, or specifically known as Aran, is one of the four enemies locked in sky cages. He had A malfunction before killing all the other seringal, daeril, and anything else that came into sight. He is in the middle left skycage and his skycage will open when the player has the Rift equipped and presses the button. Upon leaving the sky cage, the fight will engage.

Attacks Edit

Aran is one of the easier skycage enemies of the four. He has 30000 health. He has a unique fury chain where he will slash downward with his weapon, then use hand to hit sideways before using his weapon to slash diagonally. Other than that, he has the same moves as a regular enemy wielding a heavy weapon.

Gear Edit

His helmet is the Aran, his armor piece is the Aegis Armor, and his weapon is the Tetrach. He drops the X-SC2 upon death

Dialogue Edit

Siris: Walk free while you can, before they catch you

Aran: Target found, eliminate target

*battle engages*

Trivia Edit

It is rumored that the Exo Pilot controlling MX-Goliath created this as one of his first inventions, hence it going crazy