Knightmare was a team found by five members, Templar, Soul, Darkus, Ausenic and S Armor. They were all immortal souls or knights, Templar leaded the team.

Templar Edit

Templar, the Dreamcrasher was from the City of Knights. He was recruited into the Army Templar after he finished his training in the Templaric Academy. But he refused, and tried to create his own team with his friends. He created a team named Knights, but the team was broken due to various reasons. Then he found Soul and recruited him to his new team, Knightmare. Then he recruited Darkus, Ausenic and S Armor (meaning Soulless Armored Knight). The team's dream was to kill Ausar.

Soul Edit

Soul, the Deathless Hunter was from the Darkness Citadel. He trained with Darkus since he was young at age. He attended the Academy Anti-Deathless. He was one of the knights recruited to the Army Templar and accepted. Then he moved to City of Knights. After 2 years he left the army and befriended Templar. He and Templar recruited Darkus, Ausenic and S Armor. They hunted Ausar the Vile, but they were killed one by one by Galath.

Darkus Edit

Darkus, the Shadow was from the Shadow Dimension. He was the leader of the Dimension. Then he moved to the City of Knights. He was recruited to the Shadow Knight Academy as a leader. But he left the Academy. He later joined the Dark Knights team of Templar's friend, Tresch. And later left, and joined the Knightmare. He served as a weapon craftsman, creating shadow-based weapons.

Ausenic Edit

Ausenic, the Shadow Knight was the best swordsman in Knightmare. He came from a dimension named Dimension of Souls. He lived and trained in the Dimension for about 10 years. After he trained, he went to the Shadow Dimension (Darkus' dimension) to meet the leader of the Dimension. There he met Darkus. He befriended him, and later joined Knightmare together.

S Armor Edit

S Armor's history is unknown. It is believed that he lived in an unknown dimension. Only thing known about him was that he lived alone since childhood.