Juno was a deathless who was killed by Galath using The Infinity Blade. 


Juno was a beautiful Deathless female, whose face always attracted the Deathless males. She was a kind and obedient female, who once partnered with Bugeshai, a titan from IB3.

Weapons and equipment 

Juno used the armor named Junotic Plate with the J-Helm armed with the Junorica Staff and the Junoki Handband. Her ring was the Juno JOX. 

Juno was killed by Galath because she betrayed him and tried to kill him.

Before killed Juno had a dialogue between Galath and her.

Galath- Are you sure you are going to betray me and stay in the fire?

Juno- Yes Galath. I will finish you and end this war.

{Engages Battle}

Galath- Are you going to stop this, or continue?

Juno- I will continue doing this. I will not let you finish all the Deathless.

Galath- So there is no salvation for you now, Juno.

{after battle}

Galath- Now you die!!!

Juno- Yes, Galath. I know I will die- Uhh.. B-But I know the deathless who c-can finish y-you.

Galath- What?!

Juno- Ausar the Vile. He died and he will be reborned. He will be reborn as Si---ris.

Galath- Shut your vile mouth!! {Stabs Juno with the Infinity Blade}

Juno died.

The end.