The following is a fanfiction by Darkling Ausar. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline. The views and beliefs presented in this narrative are not representative of the views of this Wikia.

Infinity Blade: Curse of the Nightmare was an event existed before Ausar imprisoned Galath. The main characters were-

Ausar the Vile

Galath the Worker of Secrets

Templar the Dreamcasher (Knightmare's leader)

S Armor, Darkus, Ausenic, Soul (Knightmare Members)

Abendmahl the Vile (Ausar's bodyguard)

Herzens Schlag (An old man from the City of Knights)

ACT 1- raid of Knightmare

"Lord Ausar!" shouted Abendmahl. "They are here!" "Who is it?! Why could they wake me up in such a period like this?!" Ausar was angry. He wanted to slumber in peace but he was asked to wake up. He looked at the window of his castle. He was shocked. It was the Knightmare, an immortal group of souls and knights. Templar the Dreamcrasher shouted "Ausar the Vile! Come out you vile being! Come out and face us, the Knightmare!!!" Ausar had no idea of what to do to the Knightmare. He asked Abendmahl to fight out the Knightmare but Abendmahl himself was frightened. So he signaled Galath to help him. Galath came. Taking out the Infinity Blade, Galath striked, but the six Knightmare blocked together. Astonished, Galath ran. Ausar had nothing to do but face the Knightmare. He got down from the stairs, holding the Vile blade and the Vile shield. He faced the six, but he was defeated. He was back in his castle. But the Knightmare thought Ausar was mortal, so they left.

ACT 2- (to be continued)