Status: Immortal Human
Helmet: Blue Steel
Armor: Avrian Plate
Blade: Level 10 Grayson
Ring: N/A
Rank: Vice-commander of The Alliance

Halcyon is a human warrior and vice-commander of the Alliance. He appears in Xanadu. He wields a level 10 Grayson.


He grew up in Daregavrd, a small village to the north, and was trained in swordplay and magic since he was 3. However, Melek attacked Daregavrd. He fended the enemy off, but the Deathless noticed his prowess and tried to capture him. The elders chased him out, fearing that the Deathless would dispose of the rest of the village. 73 years later, he was amazed that he was still alive, and found out that he was an immortal human, though not Deathless. He decided to go back to Daregavrd, but upon finding out that the place had been turned into a stronghold for the The Alliance, he joined the war.


  • He was based after wiki user Slayingthehalcyon.