This is a minific.

IB2 BeginningEdit

Its been years now, I'm still stuck, stuck forever in this wretched chamber. Ausar, you will pay! I'll wait for my return, until then, I shall just suffer in hatred.

IB2 EndEdit

Ah, a visitor I see, lets see how easily trick-able he is. Hehe. Its Siris, the famed warrior who's searched for me day and night, I shall make him get rid of my old enemy, Raidriar. Curious it seems, he has no recollection of him being Ausar, perfect, its time to trap him. Siris is so clueless, and I've trapped him in his own Vault, ahaha, the fool!

IB3 BeginningEdit

Ah datapod, so much information, and oh, whos this? Its dear Raidiar isn't it? Hahaha, he even challenges me to a duel, he will only meet his demise. Argh, my datapod, all my information, I HATE YOU RAIDRIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

IB3 EndEdit

No, this cannot be, I will not be defeated! Ah! Where am I? What am I? What am I doing here?

Interesting, I can recollect that Siris killed me! Grr, my revenge on Siris, is coming.

For I am Galath, once and forever Galath!