Vital statistics
Title Eiskonig the Ice King
Gender Male
Race Nafusaanite
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Health 10000
Level 250
Status Deceased
Location Nafusaan Kingdom
The Ice King

Eiskonig the Ice King

History Edit

Eiskonig's history is unknown though, but he is one of the two members of the new Aerial Trio. The only two facts known was that he was the king of Nafusaan and the period of being a king. He once duelled with the God King but lost.

Land of Always Winter(1)

The Eis Kingdom which was ruled by Eiskonig

As the Nafusaan King Edit

The Ice Throneroom Entrance

Eiskonigin's throneroom entrance

As the Nafusaan King, Eiskonig ruled a peaceful time. After 20 years of being the king, he left his kingly attire and became a member of Sacerdos' new Aerial Trio. Eiskonig disliked the God King though. He was rivals with him.

Deceased Period Edit

When he and the Aerial Trio killed Aenon and the two, he stopped his work of killing. While he travelled to the Nafusaan mountains with Eiskonigin his wife the both was killed by

Ausar the Vile. Before he died he left a datapod at the Nafusaan Kingdom for Raidriar to warn that Ausar the Vile has slayed him, so that he could have revenge against Ausar through Raidriar.


Blood and Ice


  • Eiskonig died because he was slain using the Infinity Blade.
  • He used a weapon EisAxe before using the Melodic Dark Blades.
  • "Eiskonig" means "Ice King" in German. "Eis" means "Ice".