Status: Human
Helmet: Helmet of Kings
Armor: Armor of Kings
Blade: Elucidator and Infinity Cleaver
Ring: N/A
Rank: Warrior of The Alliance

Darth is a human warrior of The Alliance. He wields the Elucidator and the Infinity Cleaver. He appears in Xanadu.


Darth is one of the most powerful mortals in the land - largely because of his weapons. His Elucidator has special magics crafted into it, allowing it to weaken his enemy by a small fraction. His Infinity Cleaver can kill Deathless, causing some of the latter to fear him.

However, Darth is also quite vulnerable as he does not have as much experience as the other Alliance members. What would be his greatest flaw of his Infinity Cleaver is that he can only use it for 60 seconds, him being a mortal.


  • He is based after wiki user Darth Siris.

Elucidator, Darth's sword