Darnthrus, also known as the Delver of Darkness, is an extremely well known and powerful Deathless. He is a minor Deathless in the the times of Ausar, Raidriar, and Galath, but he becomes a major character in Infinity Blade history after the Worker's defeat.


Darntrus was born as a mortal child of the Deathless beings known as Keelas and Leetamae. Several years later, Darnthrus snuck into his parents' Rebirth Chamber and altered the chamber's functions to his QIP. That same night, Darnthrus then assassinated both his parents in their sleep with his father's crossbow and therefore took over his parents' fortress.

Meeting Raidriar

However, soon after Darnthrus had claimed his parents' domain, Raidriar stumbled upon the fortress and fought his way to the throne room. Darnthrus was easily bested by the all powerful God King, but Raidriar was impressed by Darnthrus's knowledge and skill of the Aegis Forms. Raidriar offered Darnthrus a chance to become one of his head servants, and Darnthrus accepted.

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