Ausar on his way to see the Worker.

Chapter 1- The Rebirth of Ausar

"Not good, not good, not good at all..." TEL said while trying to have Ausar reborn. As he finished, Ausar The Vile arose. "Ah, yes. I am pleased, TEL." Ausar said to the golem. "Where is my armor and sword?", he asked. "Over here, Master.", TEL said while leading Ausar to the Vile Armor, Helm, and Blade. "Where is the Infinity Blade?", Ausar asked TEL. "When Raidriar slew you on the Plains of Koroth... He took it."

Chapter 2- The Blade

The Infinity Blade. The god killer. A weapon to slay the unslayable. When killing a person, it scrambles their Q.I.P so the person cannot be reborn. This is the strongest weapon ever built. A blade built by the Worker of Secrets himself. When the Deathless found of this blade, they imprisoned the Worker in the Vault of Tears for crafting a forbidden weapon. After imprisoning the Worker, Ausar The Vile, one of the three Deathless of House Ix, took the blade for himself. Once Raidriar fought him and defeated him on the Plains of Koroth, he took it. "We must get that blade!" Ausar yelled to TEL. "Let's get on our way then.", TEL said.

Chapter 3- Evil

On the way out, Ausar took off his mask for less suspicion. His girlfriend, Lana, came over and told him she had something to tell him. "Ausar....I love you.," Lana told him. He embraced her. Once she saw the Voak Grinder behind him, she started telling him that he's become a tyrant. Once Ausar heard that, he stabbed Lana. Her death was accompanied by dying screams. The villagers screamed and ran in horror. "Let's go," he told TEL. "We need some help finding this sword. We're going to go pay a little visit to The Worker."

Chapter 4- The Journey to the Worker

Once Ausar reached Saranthia, he came with confidence. Killing the first minion was simple. Pathetic, thought Ausar. Once he saw no enemy at the entrance to the castle, he was unprepared for the Iron Golem that came crashing down the tower. He defeated it with difficulty. This would have been easier with the Blade, Ausar guessed. Leading through the castle to the top of the tower was a trail of blood, left by Ausar The Vile.

Chapter 5- The Memories

Thane, the high lord of House Ix, and shield of the Great Pact, easily let him in. "Be careful, my friend..." he told Ausar. When Ausar entered, he immediately felt a pain. It was the Worker stabbing him.  "So you enter my prison." he told him, amused. "After imprisoning me and taking MY sword, let's see how your memory feels," he muttered. "No....NOO!" Ausar was screaming now. The Worker pulled out the Redeemer and activated it. "Goodbye, memories....Revenge is MINE!" At that moment...Siris was born.