The Forest Ghost
Type: Human Female
Subtype Deathless
Helmet: Odocoileus
Armor: Pelt Suit
Weapon: Royal Katana
Shield: The Chief
Ring: N/A
  This Deathless bountyhuntress was hired by a higher ranking being who has connections to both the creation of the Infinity Blade and the bloodlind of Ausar/ Siris.  Her duty is to fufill the bounty on the head of Siris' son, Thaddin who is to be brought to Artemis' employer dead or alive.  She is very mysterious and hunts alone, judging by the quality of her weapons and other equipment, it is easy to say that she goes after high-price prizes and is rewarded chiefly for her work.  Just by looking at her attire one can say that it is not just humans and humanoids that she hunts.  Some refer to her as, "The Forest Ghost" because she appears out of nowhere and her haunting appearance is just that, haunting.


Infinity Blade: Shadow of the Fathers