Arctic is the commander of The Alliance and a human. He wields a level 15 Incubus. He appears in Xanadu.


Arctic mainly uses Ice magic, his ring being extremely powerful with the Ice element and recharging quickly. His signature magic spell is Permafrost, which is an incredibly powerful blast of ice and wind.


When he was just 10, a war broke out in the faraway land he lived in. This war was different in the sense that there were no commanders or generals in the war - everyone was just fighting; or rather, the land had fallen into anarchy.

At 11, he was forced to fight. He quickly became adept at using pikes and swords, under tough training conditions. He later found out that he was strong enough to use rings, something that should have only been possible if he was Deathless. Due to his lethality, he was later known as The Frost Era, and offered moderate prices for people that his clients wanted dead.

The war melded him to be a mercenary until around 5 years later, when the war ended. He made his way to other lands to explore the world, taking up many jobs along the way and invented the hamburger in New York.

When he later stumbled upon the conflict between Ausar and the early forces of The Alliance, he joined and soon was promoted to Commander by Lelindre.


  • He is based after wiki user Arctic Blue.