Algamor, or known as Algamor the Wretched, was a powerful deathless that reigned over the eastern part of the earth and was a former associate to the Worker of Secrets.

He was a prototype to Galath's earliest experiments with the deathless and was one of the most feared deathless of all, placing fear into many people and his notorious reputation of torturing and traumatizing his enemies rather than killing them, which played an instrumental role into the subjugation and near-end of the human race. His fearmongering abilities could indeed be used as a form of conditioning on human beings for experimentation into "Titans". He at one point had a romance on Lelindre, but was ultimately rejected. This led to him to go on random but deadly berzerks that left over 500,000 of his prisoners dead and conquering most of Asia.

His power and influence was marred when he was confronted by Ausar and his apprentice Desalken and was ultimately defeated, however Desalken was killed by an agent of Algamor, Vultanu, in which he escaped to avenge his master's death.