For generations, The God King, Raidriar has ruled the lands. Many warriors have challenged the God King to one-on-one combat and have failed each time.

Many of these fallen warriors come from the same lineage. An idea was conned by a man who wishes to seek the downfall of Raidriar's reign. The idea was to isolate one family and send their child to confront the God King until one of them finally bests the God King and ends his brutal reign.

Over hundreds of generations of this family have been sent to defeat Raidriar, none of them have succeeded in killing him and are all presumed dead.

Act 1: Breaking The CycleEdit

Act 1

Act 2: Restoration of The BladeEdit

Act 2 Alternative

Act 3: The God of The DeathlessEdit

Act 3

Act 4: The Corrupted BloodlineEdit

Final Act